Track Chairs

Prof. Yan Li, Center for IS&T, Claremont Graduate University [Profile]

Prof. Manoj Thomas, Virginia Commonwealth University [Profile]

Research Theme

ICT for development (ICT4D) is the application of information and communication technologies for social, economic and political development, particularly in resource constrained areas in both developed and developing countries. Design science research (DSR) can bring about related transformations through the development of innovative artifacts. In this regard, DSR can uniquely contribute to the practice of design in the development context. Reflecting on the particular needs, social norms, and practices in low resource settings, this track focus on the discussion of artifacts design, related challenges, and insights for bridging the siloed boundaries of technology-people-process.


We invite work-in-progress and full papers that reflect DSR for ICT4D. Specifically we invite submission related (but not limited) to,

  • Insights for overcoming challenges in conducting DSR in resource constrained areas
  • Innovative approaches towards ICT4D artifact design for locations with limited presence of technology
  • Studies highlighting success and failure of ICT4D projects
  • Methodological approaches for evaluating impact of ICT4D artifacts
  • Innovative user interface and interaction techniques, particularly for people not familiar with technology
  • Addressing privacy and security issues related to ICT4D in resource constrained settings
  • Ethical issues of exploiting social media platforms for citizen participation