DSR in Healthcare

Track Chairs

Prof. Monica Chiarini Tremblay, Raymond A. Mason School of Business, William & Mary [Profile]

Prof. Gondy Leroy, Eller College of Business, University of Arizona [Profile]

Research Theme

Healthcare costs are continuing to rise at an astonishing rate, with no end in sight. To address the issue of rising costs, while dealing with a more complex service environment (e.g., patients living longer, multiple complicated diseases, and the rate of medical discoveries), technological solutions continue to be deployed. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) deployment in Healthcare serves as the main mechanism to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services and outcomes. The technologies also improve the quality of patient care and reduces clinical risk. ICTs have become a strategic necessity for developing an integrated healthcare IT infrastructure that can improve services and reduce medical errors.

In the DSR Healthcare track, we welcome both research-in-progress and completed submissions that focuses on the design and development of ICT in the healthcare domain. We will welcome submissions that focus on patients, clinicians and researchers. As well, individual algorithms, systems, apps and other interventions are encouraged. Demonstrations and evaluations of early prototypes as well as more mature ICTs are strongly encouraged.


An example but not exhaustive list of topics is:

  • Blockchains in Healthcare
  • ICT and mobile solutions to address management of such chronic diseases
  • Federated Electronic Health Records
  • Natural language processing and text mining for medical and healthcare outcomes
  • Human Computer Interaction and User Studies in Healthcare
  • RFID and localization techniques
  • Usability and Ubiquity in e-Health
  • e-Health Virtual Communities and User Generated Content
  • Shared Healthcare Decision Making (SHDM, defined as a collaborative process of patients and physicians)