Track Chairs

Prof. S. Adhikari, Faculty of Information Technology University of Morotuwa, Sri Lanka [Profile]

Prof. Paul Johannesson, Stockholm University, Sweden [Profile]

Research Theme

In information system research, general problem-solving approaches are often not sufficiently appropriate to address the problems in specific domains. The domains can be varied, and include online advertising, manufacturing industry, financial industry, healthcare, energy, tourism, retail, e-government etc. Domain specific problems have unique characteristics and therefore required tailor-made solutions. We welcome all types of domain-specific DSR-outcomes, such as constructs, models, methods or algorithms, prototypes, as well as design theories.


  • Domain-specific (reference) models
  • Domain-specific (software) systems
  • Domain-specific methods/approaches
  • Domain-specific process improvement
  • Domain-specific socio-technical adjustments
  • Evaluation of domain solutions
  • Opportunities, challenges & best practices in domain-specific DSR
  • Domain-specific comparisons of classical and DSR approaches to a problem
  • Specific DSR guidelines for particular domains
  • Design theorizing in specific domains