Track Chairs

Prof. Arunabha Mukhopadhya, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow [Profile]

Prof. Mia Plachkinova, The University of Tampa [Profile]

Research Theme

In spite of the growing efforts to improve best practices, cybersecurity remains a significant challenge for organizations. Some of the recent breaches in healthcare, finance, government, and education demonstrate the need to take a different approach to the problem. DSR offers a unique perspective to overcoming challenges by incorporating a rigorous theoretical foundation to solve real world problems. Thus, taking a DSR approach to cybersecurity can provide further enhancements in the field and potentially prevent future security breaches.

The purpose of this track is to provide a forum for researchers to demonstrate how growing security concerns can be overcome utilizing DSR methods. We encourage the submission of novel artifacts and theories, empirical research findings, case studies, methodologies and other high-quality manuscripts. In this track we seek to address important questions such as: How can DSR be used to improve the current state of cybersecurity? How can new artifacts be utilized to support cyber defense efforts? How can a highly practice-oriented field such as cybersecurity benefit from a more rigorous scientific approach?


  • Novel artifacts in cybersecurity
  • DSR Methodological issues within cybersecurity research
  • DSR approach to security and privacy concerns
  • Behavioral issues in information security
  • Cybersecurity DSR applications across the disciplines
  • Development and evaluation of security education, training and awareness (SETA) programs
  • Secure software design
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Development and evaluation of digital forensics tools